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    Carlo Dellaverson

    Carlo Dellaverson is a talented coordinator based in New York, New York, who has achieved great success working with several prominent personalities in the music industry. His attention to detail and ability to manage complex projects have made him a valuable asset in the cutthroat music business. Carlo is the pillar for any rock and roll outfit looking to make a name for itself. He works behind the scenes to make sure that everything comes together nicely. This involves organizing and managing concerts and live events, such as ensuring that the stage crew has access to all the necessary tools to execute their specific functions. Carlo handles these tasks like a true professional, ensuring everyone understands their role in the team and that everything stays in sync. His colleagues value his problem-solving skills, quick thinking, and reliability.


    Carlo's career began with assisting tour managers on multiple tours and performances by handling logistics and ensuring things ran according to plan. This inspired his former boss to groom him for coordinator roles, preparing him for future challenges he would face as an experienced coordinator. Throughout this process, Carlo learned that every day presented different issues or problems that needed solving - but he always managed them effectively. Carlo is an experienced and charismatic coordinator who excels in the music industry due to his attention to detail, ability to manage complex projects, and problem-solving skills. He consistently demonstrates reliability under pressure, making him an invaluable asset for any rock band looking for someone who can organize unforgettable live experiences for audiences everywhere.